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  • What is the T95 Retro Video Game Console?
    The T95 Retro Video Game Console is a plug and play retro arcade Android TV Box. What sets this apart from the others is the amount of time that was spent AFTER the games were downloaded on the system. Every single game was tested and all of the BS was deleted. You might be familliar with some other systems that boast an insane amount of games only to findd out they are full of endless repeats and games that don't work. That is NOT the case here. Hundreds of hours went into making sure this system has a clean, organized and clutter-free library.
  • What are the purchase and shipping details?
    The transaction is secured by PayPal but you DO NOT need a PayPal account to purchase a system. You can use any type of card. The system ships for free usually the same day depending on when you purchase. Tracking is emailed when it ships and it takes 2-3 days.
  • Is this system plug and play?
    Absolutely! I have done everything for you so you simply connect the provided HDMI cable to your TV or monitor and plug it in! There is nothing to download unless you wanted to add more games yourself for free.
  • What controllers come with the system?
    When you purchase a system you get to choose either one free analog controller or two free d-pad controllers. If you want to order a second analog controller it is an additional $10. Or you can purchase two wireless d-pad controllers for an additional $10. Keep in mind, N64 games will only work with the analog controllers.
  • Where are the classic arcade games?
    All of the classic arcade games are in the MAME, CPS-1 and CPS-2 categories in the game list.
  • What kinds of controllers can I use?
    My favorite controller is the Logitech F710 wireless with included USB dongle. It has a Playstation controller layout and has a convenient Mode button that lets you switch from dpad to analog stick while in-game. The wired Logitech F310 controller works well also. Some other controllers I recommend are the Xbox 360 wireless with USB receiver or other USB retro third party controllers. For the ultimate arcade experience I love the X-Arcade Joystick Controller via USB. I use it as a stand alone control panel/fight stick but it can also go in a cabinet. **If you are building an arcade cabinet I would still recommend the Micro-Pi Console because the Pi has more control panel/configuration options.
  • What are the warranty details?
    There is a one-year warranty on the actual systems. There is also an unllimited warranty on the software. If you ever accidentally change or delete a setting affecting gameplay, we can swap out cards through the mail at no cost to you other than postage. The T95 version has a more forgiving settings area, regardless the software is covered for both versions.
  • Do you allow returns?
    Yes. Just pay return shipping which will be around $8-10 depending on how you send it back. I only ask that if you want to return it, please have that decision made after a couple days of receiving the system. I can't accept returns months down the road. ;)


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